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Scott Weidensaul

May 17, 2021

Migratory birds are the most astounding travelers on the planet. In the last two decades, there has been a revolution in miniaturized electronics that has allowed scientists to closely monitor birds while they migrate. What they have found stymies the imagination. Shorebirds may fly 2700 miles non-stop. Swifts can spend ten months of every year always on the wing. Some birds may be using quantum entanglement to navigate their way. Tonight on Inquiry, we talk with SCOTT WEIDENSAUL, writer and researcher specializing in birds and bird migration. His new book details all the new information that has been learned about how birds migrate and also reports from spots around the world, where birds make a critical stop-over to refuel for their long and arduous journey: A WORLD ON THE WING: THE GLOBAL ODYSSEY OF MIGRATORY BIRDS.