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Brad Savage has been destined for radio since childhood. He grew up dissecting the playlists of various radio stations in the Twin Cities and making pretend radio tapes announcing his favorite songs. By high school, he was on the air, hosting overnights on Adult Standards/Big Band station KLBB-AM (1400/1470). He went on to Alternative and […]

Paul Knaplund began in radio in the 1970s, hosting a jazz show each weeknight on 89.3 WCAL in Northfield, Minnesota. After taking a break to raise a family, Paul has returned to his jazz radio roots at WICN as a swing-shift host, stepping in to host The Blend, Standard Time, and Jazz Highways as needed. […]

Steve Miller hails originally from Columbus, Ohio, and moved to Massachusetts in 2013.  He spent his career working in the world of insurance and now works as a semi-retired consultant when not spinning discs at WICN.  Steve first heard jazz in his parents’ home and his passion for the music truly ignited in high school […]

THIERNO CAMARA Born in Senegal, West Africa, Thierno Camara studied classical piano and flute as a child, which led him to play piano in an American pop band called Laser. At age 15, Thierno put his own Afro-pop band together and began his songwriting career. When the bassist of his group left the band, Thierno […]

Rafeef Al Faris, host and producer of Mediterranean Music on 90.5 WICN, is an Iraqi poet, writer, and journalist who holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. She’s worked as a Computer Science instructor for high school and college students in Libya, in addition to coding databases for companies and libraries in Iraq and Libya. In […]

Giselle Rivera-Flores is a digital media strategist, entrepreneur, and writer from Brooklyn, New York now living in Worcester, Massachusetts, where the lack of city life makes up for the craziness of city life. She ditched her career in corporate marketing in favor of finding her own way toward the American Dream. Now, Giselle helps creatives […]

Marty Ayotte has been in radio since 1984, starting at KTEK (1110 AM Alvin TX) Christian radio in Houston Texas in 1984, with duties selling advertising and running prerecorded Sunday morning church services. He’s now the host of Blues Hit Big Town, airing every other Monday evening at 10 pm on 90.5 WICN. Marty is […]

Harry Danso is the Marketing/Content Creation Lead at Major Bloom. He is a Worcester native and graduate of St. John’s High School in Shrewsbury. From there, he went on to earn his Bachelor’s in Marketing from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. His goal is to create awareness on disproportional arrests for minorities through his experience in the Cannabis industry.

Ulysses Youngblood is the President of Major Bloom, an impact-driven cannabis company in the Economic Empowerment program. The company has manufacturing, retail, and delivery licenses in Worcester, MA, as a vertically integrated operation. Major Bloom opened its retail doors in 2021, and Ulysses and Major Bloom are highly involved in the Worcester and neighborhood communities.

Nikki Erskine is the co-host of “Culture Beat” on WICN, sharing tips and insights on the arts and cultural scene throughout Greater Worcester, including ways in which you can participate and support various artists, organizations, and institutions.

Joshua Croke (Pronouns: They/Them)/Present Futurist. Community Innovator. Unquestionably Queer. Josh is a project designer, community building consultant, and creative producer. Their passion lies in eliminating stigma, sharing stories, and designing experiences that enhance people’s lives and connects them to their communities in ways that bring joy, belonging, and success. Josh is the founder of Action! by Design, a project design studio that works with organizations to create impactful projects by working with the communities they serve to lead design and innovation efforts. Josh is also the president and co-founder of nonprofit Love Your Labels that works to eliminate bias, stigma, and shame in society and builds programs for queer and trans youth focused on resiliency building, pride in identity, and economic mobility pathways. They also host and produce Public Hearing Podcast featuring stories of human experience at the intersection of design and technology. Their client projects have received awards and recognition including Best of Innovation at CES, Fast Company’s Innovation by Design Award, and Oprah’s Favorite Things. Accolades include BEQ Pride Magazine’s LGBT Leaders Under 40 (2020), Worcester Business Journal’s 40 Under 40 (2019), Boston Spirit Magazine’s 30 Under 30 Young Trailblazers (2017), Key to the City of Worcester (2016), and Pulse Magazine’s 15 People to Watch (2015) Josh sits on the board of the Worcester Education Collaborative and Living in Freedom Together (LIFT) and is a corporator for the EcoTarium Museum of Science & Nature and the Greater Worcester Community Foundation. Josh is excited to join WICN as a host and adapt Experience This Podcast for Worcester's only NPR affiliate radio station! Follow Josh on Twitter at @JoshuaCroke and the show on Instagram at @XPThisPod Learn more at

Music became the center of Nick’s universe when he was 9 years old, on February 9, 1964, while watching The Beatles’ first performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. He bought his first album, ‘Meet The Beatles’, the very next day, and has been a serious collector ever since. Immediately after graduating high school, Nick bought […]