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Underwriting on WICN

Underwriting on WICN Helps Grow Your Business & Customer Base!
Business owners that partner with WICN to help reach their marketing
goals enjoy the support of our incredibly loyal audience. After all, being
on the air for over 50 years has built a lot of trust with our listeners!
WICN’s sought-after audience tunes in every day for the best Jazz+
programming in Central New England, and they support the businesses 
that support WICN.

What Exactly IS Underwriting?
Great question! Underwriting is very similar to the advertising that
you’re used to hearing on the radio, but with a few distinct differences
that are beneficial to both the sponsor and the listener. Legally, our
Underwriting messages must focus solely on the facts: who you are, what you do, where you’re located, and more. The concise nature of these spots allows the specific details of your message to be clearly heard and easily understood, making a stronger impact on the listener.

Why consider 90.5 WICN for your 2022 marketing goals?
Trust: we have 53+ years of trust and dependability built in the Central
Massachusetts community.
Affordability: Our Underwriting rates are priced specifically for
businesses who want to make an impact on our audience without
breaking the budget.
Sought-After Audience: WICN listeners are affluent, invested in the
station, loyal, and dedicated to the businesses that support us. The WICN audience views our Underwriting sponsors as an extension of WICN

When you become a WICN Underwriting sponsor, you gain a welcoming
audience primed to hear your message. You will stand out on WICN
because we keep clutter off of our airwaves. You will grow your business
while supporting this nonprofit gem of a radio station!

Whom would you like to reach? We’d love to learn more about your
marketing goals and how we may help you reach them. To learn more
about the benefits of a partnership with WICN, please contact WICN
General Manager David Ginsburg. Let us introduce your
business to our incredible WICN community.

Join us!

WICN’s programs inform, inspire, and entertain. By supporting WICN, you’ll enjoy the difference it makes for your business while supporting our broadcast operations. Take advantage of the many benefits to your business that a strategic underwriting partnership with WICN Public Radio–and our deeply loyal audience–provides.

Like the vinyl records of old, the benefits of being a WICN sponsor are two-sided. On the “A” side: you’ll be promoting your company to a unique, affluent, and loyal listenership; on the “B” side: you’ll be doing something great in your community!

Facts and Figures

  • Uncluttered Environment: Your announcements stand out. We run only 3 spot sets per hour, with no more than three sponsors per set. Only the most important facts are included so that listeners are more inclined to absorb your message.
  • Longer Time Spent Listening: 90.5 WICN listeners tend to listen for long periods of time–often measured in hours rather than minutes. This means your message is heard more often by the people you want to come to your business.
  • WICN’s audience is mature, educated, and affluent. 52% of our listeners have combined household incomes of $100,000 or more, and describe themselves as professionals or executives.
  • Over 65% of our listeners are inclined to purchase products or services from companies that support public radio. More importantly, 70% believe it is important to do business with a company that supports nonprofit arts organizations.

Benefits of Becoming a Sponsor on WICN

  • Direct access to a concentrated, affluent, and educated audience with a tremendous personal commitment to WICN…this is their station. Their membership helps fund the station they choose to listen to.
  • Credibility. NPR is recognized as a trusted news source with quality programming. It’s credibility by association.
  • Appreciation from your colleagues, customers, staff, and peers, who recognize your commitment to the community.

Working together

We want to work in collaboration with you. We will build a customized package for your business that offers benefits to you via several different delivery vehicles. As a Corporate Member, you will have the opportunity to utilize standard underwriting spots, sponsor one non-profit for a year, and participate in a Challenge Grant during one of our quarterly Membership Drives. You will also be included in our many value-added facets, such as inclusion in emails to our 5,000 member database; promotion on our social media channels; your logo and link on our website, and access to our in-studio performances (as allowed by current pandemic regulations.

A Corporate Membership spreads your goodwill throughout the year at a cost that is feasible for companies of all sizes.

For more information, please contact Al Vuona, alvuona@wicn.org or call 508-752-0700.

Some of our Underwriters:  https://www.wicn.org/underwriters/