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About WICN

WICN Mission Statement

Arts and culture contribute to a quality of life that keeps a community vibrant and economically alive. WICN Public Radio is a 501(c)(3), committed to this ideal through the presentation of authentic, independent music, on the radio and in the concert halls, preserving America’s living art forms of Jazz and other music for generations to enjoy.


WICN Public Radio, Inc. has been a vibrant presence in the cultural life of Central Massachusetts for 55 years and counting! The Worcester Inter-Collegiate Network, Inc. was created in April 1968 as a nonprofit Massachusetts corporation to manage the construction and operation of the yet-to-be-built college radio station WICN.

The station’s original home, comprising a studio, transmitter, and transmitting antenna was at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. In a joint partnership with The College of the Holy Cross, a studio was also located at that campus. Programming was shared on a perfectly equal time basis between the two campuses, with the initial broadcasts beginning in the fall of 1969.

WICN’s presentation of the American musical art form of jazz and other music is unique in the industry. WICN offers true alternatives to the canned playlists of media giants playing the same limited selection of music. The most engaging and exciting jazz and other music heard worldwide comes from WICN. We are Jazz + for New England – the “Voice of Arts and Culture” in Central New England.

Voice of the Arts

At WICN, we promote and preserve the best in music with a strong focus on jazz, that distinctly American art form. Our programs engage, inspire, inform, and entertain.

We make jazz accessible, offering a wide range from Miles Davis to Diana Krall and Count Basie to Weather Report. Our thoughtful selection and comprehensive on-air presentation of jazz and other music – including Folk, Soul, Latin Jazz, Americana, and World Music – allow our listeners to develop their palate. Our hosts are passionate individuals who know and love the music they play, and they deliver compelling radio 7 days a week, 365 days per year, and all commercial-free! WICN also prominently features such fine national programming as Jazz Night in America and Radio Deluxe.

Our public affairs programming on Sunday evenings and weeknights at 6 pm highlights artists, authors, business leaders, cultural touchstones, and stories of regional and national interest and complements our diverse musical offerings. Through our affiliation with National Public Radio, WICN also presents top-quality national newscasts every day.

Board of Directors

WICN’s Board of Directors provides oversight, governance, and guidance for WICN’s staff. Our Board meets monthly to review finances, including fundraising, grants, and Underwriting, as well as operations and programming, to ensure the ongoing security and growth of WICN Public Radio. Board members contribute their time, expertise, and financial support for the station’s long-term viability.

If you are interested in becoming a WICN Board of Directors member, please read the responsibilities and expectations outlined below, and then contact Sheila Carroll ( for more information.

Responsibilities of the WICN Board of Directors:

-Determine, advance, and guide the vision, mission, and strategic plan for WICN
-Protect assets and provide proper financial oversight
-Select, support, and evaluate the General Manager and Executive Director
-Ensure effective planning through appropriate committee structures
-Monitor and strengthen programs and services
-Ensure adequate financial resources for the organization to fulfill its mission
-Build a vibrant, engaged, and competent board
-Ensure legal and ethical integrity
-Enhance the organization’s public standing in the communities we serve

Expectations of WICN Board Members:

-Willingness to commit time, effort, and financial support to WICN during the 3-year term of their Board membership
-Engage in activities related to public broadcasting that educate and inform you as a Board member – industry-related articles, webinars, seminars, etc.
-Regular attendance at Board meetings (defined as attendance in person or via teleconference of at least 50% of all Board meetings, exclusive of the Annual Meeting).
-Active participation on one or more of the standing committees and/or assisting with special projects requiring Board member involvement.
-Assist in generating revenue for the station, including a personal financial contribution* annually, and active involvement in generating leads and financial support from other sources throughout our community.
-Stay informed about station activities by listening to broadcasts, reading the weekly email newsletter, participating during fund drives and meetings, and talking with the General Manager, Executive Director, and staff members during occasional visits to the station.
-Act as an advocate for the station within the communities we serve.

*exact amount isn’t specified but the expectation is an annual contribution of $500 to $1,000 or more.


WICN’s Community Advisory Board (CAB)

Per WICN’s Corporate Bylaws, the Community Advisory Board’s purpose is “to review the programming goals established by the station, review the service provided by the station, review significant policy decisions rendered by the station, and advise the governing board of the station with respect to whether the programming and other policies of the station are meeting the specialized educational and cultural needs of the communities served by the station.  The Advisory Board may make such recommendations as it considers appropriate to the Board of Directors, in order to meet those specialized needs. The Advisory Board shall not have the authority to exercise any control over the daily management or operation of the station.”

Community Advisory Board members:

  • Ava Desautels
  • Kathleen Gagne
  • Karen Gavel
  • Theodore Kirousis
  • Edward Marshall
  • Richard Tranfaglia
  • Larry Trapasso
  • Domenic Ciccone
  • Anthony Buscarino


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