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Hello Worcester and the world, and welcome to Public Hearing! Public Hearing is a podcast from Action! by Design where we explore the unique challenges and opportunities facing Massachusetts’ gateway cities as they work to create more equitable, liberated, and sustainable communities.

Each episode, we’ll bring you stories from the frontlines of community change work, featuring the people and organizations working to make a difference in their cities. We’ll delve into issues like affordable housing, transportation, education, and more, and hear from experts and community leaders about the innovative solutions they’re creating to address these challenges.

But it’s not all serious business – we’ll also be bringing you some laughs and levity along the way, because we believe that creating a more equitable world can (and should!) be a joyful act.

So, join us on this journey to build better communities! Whether you’re a policy wonk, a community organizer, or just someone who cares about creating a more fair and just world, this podcast is for you. So, hit subscribe and let’s get to work!

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