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Tony Baglio combines his decades-long experience as a radio broadcaster and professional musician with his indelible passion for music, to host New Orleans Grooves, a show featuring the multi-cultural gumbo of rhythms, styles and artists that reflect the collective musical vibe of the Crescent City.

Join him every Saturday, 7-9 pm on 90.5 WICN!

Ben Young, Artistry of Jazz, 10 pm-midnight, Thursdays.

WICN Underwriting ManagerAl Vuona, Public Eye, 10:30 pm-11 pm, Sundays.

Tom Shaker, Soul Serenade, 7-10 pm Mondays.

Dana Robbins, Jazz360, 10 pm-midnight, Fridays.

Noah Preminger, Noah's Arc, 10 pm-midnight, Wednesdays.

Nick Noble, Folk Revival, 7-10pm, Thursdays.

Rick McCarthy, The Blend, 12p-3p Mon-Wed. 

Mark Lynch, Inquiry, 9-10pm, SundaysPositive Noise, 10 pm - 12 am, 1st & 3rd Monday of the Month

Tom Lucci, Standard Time, 3-6pm, Mondays.

Bonnie Johnson, Colors of Jazz, 12pm-4pm, Sundays.

Pamela Hines, Jazz Matinee, Noon-4pm, Saturdays