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Dana has been part of a few different musical projects, such as presiding over an online radio program, drummer for a local blues band and producer for an entertainment company. Please join Dana on Friday nights from 10 pm-midnight as he hosts JAZZ360.




5 Questions with Dana Robbins

What brought you to hosting a show on WICN? Why do you love being on the air?

A passion for the music and creating playlists that present a mosaic for the listener…a theater in the mind. After attending an open forum for listeners to discuss ways to improve the station with Brian Barlow, a friend and myself pursued having a show of our own to help bring in a new audience late night, then I ended up with my own show.

What is your favorite WICN memory?

Having Greg Abate in the studio on the air playing solo sax for the listeners.

FILL IN THE BLANK: The best concert I ever saw was ______________?

Whew… Tough one!  But one of my greatest memories was Litchfield Jazz Festival on 3 levels: Sonny Fortune blew out the house!  The Mingus Big Band with Lauren Sevien opening on the Bari with Moaning, with crazy Frank Lacy, then to top it off Dave Brubeck calling one of the student kids to come up and play the Sax on Take 5, then attending an interview afterwards where Brubeck spoke at length how he and his listeners risked their lives behind the Iron Curtain in Poland to see him play, it’s actually a somewhat historical interview now, and it was great to be in attendance.

Many listeners don’t know that the majority of our hosts are volunteers that do this out of a personal passion. What do you/did you do professionally off the air? 

I am in Advertising Post Sales Operations, overseeing 18 people spread across the country supporting sales.

Who are your favorite artists of all time?

Art Blakey
Christian Scott
Vijay Iyer
Michel Pertrucciani
Russell Gunn
Lee Morgan
Dave Weckl
Chick Corea
GoGo Penguin
Brandford Marsalis
Jeff Tain Watts
Herbie Hancock
Marcus Miller
Trio Elf

Where do I end?