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January 13th – January 19th, 2020

Soul Serenade: Jerry Wexler
Monday, January 13th – 7:00 pm
Arguably the most important producer in soul music, Jerry Wexler worked with all the greats, from Ray Charles to Aretha Franklin from Solomon Burke to Otis Redding. He even signed Led Zeppelin to Atlantic Records following a suggestion from Dusty Springfield! Join host Tom Shaker as we celebrate the birthdate of one of the most prominent producers in soul & rock history. 

Jazz Inspired: xxx
Tuesday, January 14th – 6:00 pm

Folk Revival: Number 1 – The Music of the Original Highwaymen & More!
Thursday, January 16th – 7:00 pm
Come take a trip back in time to celebrate the music of one of the seminal folk groups of the classic Folk Revival period– the original Highwaymen! You’ll hear their hits– “Michael”, “Cotton Fields”, “The Gypsy Rover”– but also plenty of lesser-known but no less outstanding tracks. Host Nick Noble will share the story of the group from their beginnings at Connecticut’s Wesleyan University to their final album in 2007. As a special treat, the British folk duo Skinner & Twitch will be visiting live the studio throughout the program. All the way from across the pond, they’ll be talking about the music and also sharing some of their own songs live. Tune in and enjoy!

Business Beat: xxx
Sunday, January 19th – 10 pm

The Story Behind Her Success with Candy O’Terry & On Mic: Molly Hanna Glidden, Dolph Ziggler & Stephanie Monseau
Sunday, January 19th – 11 pm
Don’t let anyone tell you to get over your grief, to move on. Everyone grieves differently.-Molly Hanna GliddenThe life lessons we learn from the sad times in our lives are just as important as the lessons we learn from joyful moments. Why? Because adversity is a great teacher. Meet Molly Hanna Glidden, author of the new book Reminiscing La Vie en Rose and A Family Broken: Surviving Traumatic Loss & Overcoming Tragedy. Molly’s journey has been marked by tragedy and yet, she finds a way to put on a pair of rose-colored glasses and see the brighter side of life. Five deaths, including two suicides, one murder, and the loss of her only child have marked Molly’s path, and yet, she survives and even thrives. Writing has become her vehicle for self-expression and in the process, she has become a role model for others who are grieving too. Faith and family have always sustained this exceptional woman. In this interview, she tells a poignant story that was also featured in Grief Digest Magazine about a beautiful Red-Winged Visitor, sent to remind her that love never dies. Molly Hanna Glidden believes that strength and hope come from getting out of bed every morning, putting one foot in front of the other, and surviving another day with a deeper sense of purpose and gratitude.

I welcome two very creative entertainers in today’s episode. WWE Wrestling star Dolph Ziggler is the “master of his own ring” and reflects on his other career in standup comedy. Stephanie Monseu talks about circus life and being a ringmaster with the famed Big Apple Circus. Jordan Rich and Ken Carberry are founders of Chart Productions. Their website is here.