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Marisa Anne Bass & Hanneke Grootenboer

September 27, 2021

Seashells have captured humans’ imaginations since ancient times. During the Early Modern Period of Europe, shells gathered from around the world were collected, cherished, discussed, and were found in many works of art. Tonight on Inquiry we welcome back MARISA ANNE BASS, Professor of Northern European Art (1400-1700) in the History of Art Department of Yale University, and an Affiliate of Yale’s Program in the History of Science and Medicine. Joining Professor Bass is HANNEKE GROOTENBOER, Professor of the History of Art Department at Radboud University, Nijmegen. They are two of the authors and editors of a sumptuous and fascinating book CONCHOPHILIA: SHELLS, ART, AND CURIOSITY IN EARLY MODERN EUROPE. If you ever have been entranced by a shell you have found on the shore, be sure to tune in.